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By Jenna Schifferle

The brook babbles

As the trees whisper;

One strong gust

As the leaves kiss her.


The air is warm and

Filled with lilac —

She left her life

Only a mile back.


Right up the road

Where the path twirls,

Near the pasture

Where they danced as girls.


A small stone cottage

Where a warm fires burns,

And kindness and compassion

Are the only terms.


Right by the stables

Where the horses neigh,

And children laugh

As they roll in hay.


But the woods are alluring

With their drawl,

And it’s nearly impossible

To ignore their call.


From somewhere above

Woodpeckers tap,

As the maples sweat

Their saccharine sap.


As she crosses the bridge,

The sun at its peak,

She catches a glimpse

Of a creature’s great beak.


It’s perched high

At the top of the brush,

Silent and calm

Not even a hush.


Its talons dig

Deep in the wood,

As it spreads its wings

And is off for good.