Vivir según mi corazón

Starting a Blog

Today I was sitting outside of Lanigan Hall on campus, waiting for my class to start. The building has a number of inlets that students often utilized to relax or rest, and I was doing the same. My feet were spread out in front of me, and the sun was shining brightly in my eyes, but I didn’t mind. Sun is a rare guest in Oswego, and it is difficult to complain about its brief appearance. I was reading Into the Wild for my creative writing class, and thinking about what it really means to be a writer. It’s those simple moment that mean the most; the ones that give you time to take it all in and just contemplate things. And that’s the type of moment I want to capture in my writings. The subtle moments of inspiration.


Comments on: "Starting a Blog" (2)

  1. marie frost said:

    Glad you got there safely, hope it was a good flight(s).
    I’ll be checking back regularly and always, hoping you’re having a spectacular time!
    Aunt Mare

  2. thanks Aunt Mare! I love you!

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